There’s a snow storm moving in and we’re all ready for a couple of days of coziness. Even the family minivan is getting cozy.


There’s really no logical reason why one would knit a hood-ornament-cozy for her minivan. But here’s my best explanation.

Two years ago, the car in front of me stopped short and I tapped into the bumper. No damage done, except that the hood ornament on our car popped out onto the road. I picked it up and tossed it into our catch-all basket of “things that need to be fixed someday”.


Then, last week, I had time to browse at the library. Tucked in among the craft books I found this little gem, and was inspired to mend all of our clothing in creative and inspiring ways.

Thinking about the mending put me in a fix-it frame of mind, and I got sad thinking about all of the things in life that couldn’t be fixed with a little fiber (plumbing, appliances, relationships…) So sad, that I became determined to prove that any repair is not only possible but also more fun with fiber. The minivan was the perfect foil.

I knew if I didn’t finish it in a day, it would never get finished. So I taught school that morning with my knitting beside me and we had leftovers for dinner. The kids kept asking me what in the world I was doing. The plumber gave me a very odd look as he passed in and out of the room. But I got it done.

And it makes me really, really happy.

Now I’m eyeing the wheel with the missing hubcap.