When you live with a toddler, what you are able to do with your time lasts as long as a drawer of Tupperware remains interesting (about 5 minutes). I spend my days coming up with something new to do every 10 minutes, because if I don’t direct his attention to the Duplo blocks, he will direct his attention to the toilet paper in the bathroom, or the basket of markers on the couch, or (best of all) the litter box in the rabbit’s cage.

There is a lovely spot of sun right outside the backdoor. It’s south-facing so is warm even on the coldest days. It’s currently The Place to take Daniel when he is into everything he shouldn’t be, wants everything he shouldn’t have, and doing everything he shouldn’t do. It’s usually worth a solid 20 minutes of entertainment.


If his sisters come out to play, too, then I might get an entire half hour.



But he always wanders eventually, and when he starts eating the rotten gourds I know my time is up.

But doesn’t he look delighted to be eating rotten gourds??