It’s my opinion that if you are a newly minted babe making your way in the world, you’ll be greatly helped (or at least entertained) by having some older siblings around. They can be relied upon to provide you with all of the necessary petting, kissing, and snuggling.


And they’ll be the first to introduce you to things you are too young to accomplish on your own, and that your Mama and Papa would, in their wisdom and maturity, not attempt to teach you. Like hanging over the back of the couch:


And you can count on them to share things with you that are way beyond your age and development, but are still fascinating even if you don’t understand them. Like books by Alexander Dumas.


Yes, the Pumpkin’s life would be pretty boring if it wasn’t for his siblings. Then again, if it wasn’t for his siblings he might be able to finish a nap. Ah well. No loss without some gain.