If you ever feel like you just need a little bit of time to catch up on a few fiber projects, just get yourself a high-risk pregnancy and several months of bed rest. You’ll be moving on to new things in no time.

Indulge me in a retrospective of the works of my hands since January? It helps me feel like I haven’t wasted all of my time languishing in front of reality television on my laptop.


cozy baby blanket, matching hat and cowl for me,

pair of baby leggings, cozy sleeping sack, adorable stuffed fox,

inspiring embroidery project,

pair of baby overalls,

long overdue neck warmer for a friend (which I completely forgot to photograph), and an Advent tree skirt (finally finished!)



…little baby bonnets (one here and one here)




…pairs of knitted baby pants (but I only photographed three).



…Christmas sweaters for five precious children (for the Sweet Pea, the Bean, the Pickle, the Peanut, and the wee one)


…little ornaments for use with the Advent tree skirt pictured above

AND (something like) 20,000 LITTLE STITCHES…

…making a sweet cross-stitched nursery rhyme from a friends’ collection. Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph it before giving it to her, so here’s the best photo I have.


* for fellow knitters and curious crafters, all knitting projects are linked to my project pages on Ravelry, where you can find pattern and yarn details, along with my alteration notes. Other projects (when available) are linked to places of purchase.