Friends, meet Freddy.


For whatever reason, I’ve really been feeling the woodland creatures vibe for this little one (maybe he’ll be a park ranger). So when I saw this kit for Alicia Paulsen’s stuffed fox, well, I knew that this little boy needed a hand-stitched stuffed fox in his life. Alicia named him Mr. Basil, but he felt like a Frederick to me. So I’m calling him Freddie until his rightful owner gives him a proper lovey name.


Being stuck in bed, I ended up hand-stitching all of his clothes, too. I’m sure it took longer than machine stitching would have, but I have nothing if not time to kill. Have you ever seen such teensy buttons?? I felt very fat-fingered trying to button-up that shirt!

And of course he gets a love letter for a label. I always label my handmade items, so that they don’t end up at the thrift store someday.


I opted to stitch all of his clothing to his body. I realize I’m denying my little boy hours of nap time mischief by doing this, but I can’t bear the thought of losing his scarf or a boot under the bed and having Freckles the house rabbit devour it at the first opportunity.

The fabulous fox project was supposed to last me until baby arrived, but alas, I find myself still in bed, still waiting. Not wanting to start a new project of my own that may not get finished, I’m now working on other people’s projects. A dear friend of mine has collected cross-stitch kits for years, and never had opportunity to stitch a single one of them. I happily asked her to pick her favorite one and bring it over to me, and now my hands are busy once again.


By way of an update, baby has made it to 34 weeks and is now allowed to make his entrance in our hometown hospital! We celebrated with blueberry cobbler on the patio, the first thing I’ve baked in months. The next “bite” I’m focusing on? At 36 weeks I’ll be allowed to discontinue my twice weekly progesterone injections. Only three more pokes, and then I’ll be seeing my midwives only once a week instead of three! Now that’s something to look forward to!