Yes, I do know that we are now three weeks past Independence Day. What can I say? Bed rest time runs on a much slower schedule than the rest of the world, so that it feels like July 4th might have been last weekend.

I handed the camera off to the Sweet Pea once again, to photograph their July 4th adventures. She said that she was having too much fun most of the time to even remember to take photos, so she didn’t capture much. But here’s a peek at a few things that impressed her.

A vintage car show at the park. Judging by the abundant photo documentation, the Sweet Pea was mightily impressed by the chrome hood ornaments and decor.

A ride on the little train that our community’s sweet Grandpas volunteer to keep running for the kids during the summer (you may notice that I’ve given up on the Battle of the Hairbrush with the Peanut for the duration of bed rest. Costs and benefits and all that.)


Some time on the playground. I was delighted to see some photos of my pre-teen Sweet Pea digging with abandon in the sand. I’m hoping for a couple more years of occasional outbursts of childhood from her, before she decides she doesn’t want to get her clothes dirty.



And what would the celebration be without some fireworks? Last year. between exhaustion at the late hour and fear of the noise, the Peanut cried herself to sleep during the big show. The Sweetie Pie didn’t feel up to managing another episode on his own. So we settled for sparklers at the Godparents’ house.

sparkler1 sparkler-2

And I have to brag, just a little bit, that my 10-year-old spent six months memorizing the first half of the Declaration of Independence as a school assignment. And then recited it for her audience of friends and family on July 4th. How touching to hear such magnificent proclamations coming from her mouth. I tried to get a short video of the performance posted here, but I’m just not that savvy. And you probably didn’t really want to see it anyway.