You know the joke, right? How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time?

32 weeks into this very long pregnancy, faced with the large elephant of another 8 weeks until full-term, I’m taking it one bite at a time. With multiple risk factors for pre-term labor, I’ve been on bed rest since February. Even though I’m the one that has sat out every hour in my own bed, I still have no idea how it’s humanly possible to have passed almost half a year only living part of my life. At 32 weeks I’m walking a very fine line, keeping my spirit poised between being ready for anything at anytime and settling in for the long haul. It’s a balancing act between “Any day now…” and “Still two months to go…”

Often, I find myself leaning more into one space or the other. In order to assuage the uncertainty and to bring my spirit back into balance, I’m learning to focus on small, short-term goals. How to survive the final weeks of a long pregnancy? One bite at a time.


My first “bite” is to make it another two weeks. At 34 weeks I’ll be able to deliver in my own town, at “my” hospital, with “my” midwives. These are very motivating factors for me to tough out another 2 weeks. After that one has been swallowed and digested, I’ll take a look at what’s left of my elephant and decide where the next bite is.

We have quite a collection of ultrasound photos from our perinatologist. I keep them hanging close at hand to remind me of hard work already accomplished, visual proof of a baby getting fatter and healthier every day, and to motivate me to not give up before the time is finished.