The Sweet Pea is quickly becoming our family photographer. As the kids and the Sweetie Pie head out on summer adventures, I stay home, carrying my book back and forth between the couch and the bed. The Sweet Pea takes charge of the family camera to share the excitement with me when they get home.

Here, a recent trip with Grammie and Grampa to the nearest botanical gardens. It was Grammie’s birthday. The day was bright and sunny, and there was even a temporary installation of works by Dale Chihuly that captured the kiddos attention.

Grammie's-presents Chihuly-blue Chihuly-and-palms

What do you think the highlight of the trip was? The beautiful gardens? The birthday excitement? The surprising sculptures? Nope. It was watching a shiny, new Corvette get towed out of a no parking zone. This is what I heard about for days afterwards.

Thankfully, though, no photos of the Corvette or the tow truck.

big-palm light-and-shadow dance-dance-dance texture-and-pattern Palm-shadows a-flower monet-garden looks-like-sorbet lilypads following-breadcrumbs

And what would a trip to the gardens be without an educational tid bit? The Sweet Pea has an ongoing battle with the slugs in our strawberry patch. Here, she discovers that slugs are good for something (but it hasn’t affected her merciless killing of slugs in the strawberry patch).