I’ve always thought my mothering journey was best reflected in a field of poppies: a little wild, a little prickly, shockingly vibrant, but also delicate and precious. And then, I read this, and knew someone else felt the same way:

“Any way you cut it, motherhood is intimidating. From the courage it takes to clip a newborn’s fingernails or navigate the weeny little arms into a Onesie or wave a child off to school, the ocean of a mother’s worry is a vast one…

“And with each new baby, we are that much more vulnerable to having our hearts broken into tiny little bits of forever…


“So moms might not know it, but they are the bravest of the brave for taking this risk. Against all odds, knowing that sickness, sin, failure, and disaster lurk on the fringes of every day, we choose to embrace life…


“We open up ourselves–our bodies, our lives, and our futures–to the whim of another human being, and there is no going back. And perhaps what makes this kind of everyday courage the most remarkable is how very seldom it gets recognized.”

from Surprised by Motherhood by Lisa-Jo Baker