Since I can’t do any work in the garden this year, I decided I should focus my resources on being able to enjoy the garden. Step one: creating a comfy place from which I can enjoy it. I found a great little patio set for a great little price (thanks online shopping!) and the Sweetie Pie and the Bean went to pick it up for me. The Bean wanted to put it together. The Sweetie Pie did not. And this is how the purchase of a patio set became entertainment for a day.


The Bean, who has had lots of practice with Legos and Erector sets, began unpacking boxes in the living room while I lay on the couch. He was astonishingly good at following vague directions written in Chinese-English (Chin-glish?). At one point I said to him, “I think you’re putting that arm on backwards.” He assured me he wasn’t and showed me the instructions to prove it to me. I left him alone after that.


As the Bean worked, the empty boxes and discarded packaging and extra furniture was ideal for fort and tunnel-building. And once that got old, the boxes became racetracks and airports and pony stalls. Even Freckles the bunny got in on the fun, burrowing like never before into piles of cardboard.


Results? An entire day passed peacefully in our house, and I got new furniture for the patio.