Lucky for me, I have a hobby that can be completed in bed, with my feet up, without too much brain power. Knitting is the perfect occupation for me when I’m on bed rest. I was diligently working my way through my stashed yarn and buttons…

(some cutie leg warmers and a simple cap out of some languishing sock yarn)

cap legwarmers

(a cozy sleeping sack to keep baby warm in our chilly basement)

…and then I got bored of inventing projects for the odds and ends, and I kept finding adorable baby knits that I wanted to make, and sweaters for the kiddos for Christmas, and I placed a GIGANTIC yarn order to keep me busy for the rest of the year. Here’s what I’ve accomplished so far:

A sweet cardigan for the Sweet Pea’s Christmas present (this one was so much fun to knit that I’m doing the same pattern, smaller and in a different blue, for the Peanut)

A super-soft hoodie for the baby’s Christmas present (how much do I LOVE a raglan sleeve with no seaming required??)

hoodie hoodie-seam

And this set of footed overalls for baby, just because I couldn’t stand not to dress my squishy newborn in something so deliciously adorable. Plus, it was a really fun knit.


They’re all lacking buttons, because I’m not supposed to be spending hours on my feet browsing the button aisle at Joann’s for the perfect buttons. But the thought has occurred to me to take someone with me, and use one of the motorized shopping carts to get through the store. We’ll see how long I can stand to wait.

My sweet mom, sent me my next project (find it on Etsy): a little stitching to mix things up a bit. I do love a kit–everything purchased, assembled, pre-measured. Nothing left but to jump right in and get started! My fingers are itching to get started.


For fellow knitters, I’ve linked each knitting project to its project page in my Ravelry account. You can find all the details on yarns, patterns, modifications, and what-not there.