That might be what you’re saying to yourself. The words have certainly crossed my mind as I’ve been preparing this post. This space is long overdue for some pretty pictures. Yes?


Our family has fled the tentative spring-time of the Rocky Mountains and are relaxing where the sun is bright, the air is warm, and the oxygen is saturated. The Sweetie Pie and the kiddos are busy with almost daily outings to someplace new and fun. Sometimes, if I’m feeling well and if the excursion doesn’t require too much walking, I go along, too. The opportunity to visit a 17th century Spanish mission was hard to pass up.

Mission3 Mission1

While everyone else took a guided tour of the church, the Peanut and I sat in the courtyard and watched the birds. The sky was blue, the breeze was soft, and the cacti were…succulent. All in all, a lovely way to pass the morning.