It seems that the moment we discovered that I was pregnant, the winter plagues began to invade our home. I don’t recall a winter with more fevers, coughing, sneezing, sniffling, and ear aches. Because we are all uber-sensitive and prone to meaningless bickering, we’ve spent a lot of time distracting ourselves with movies in front of the computer screen.

The one up-side to all these weeks of resting and waiting to heal? Lots and lots of knitting.

I pulled this organic cotton yarn out of my stash and turned it into a baby blanket for the new little one. The yarn has been languishing for years, so soft and squishy and begging to be turned into something cuddly. Destiny fulfilled.

And then there was this gorgeous skein of alpaca that I bought at a wool market last summer–a birthday present for myself. I started off making this jaunty little beret…


…and then, with three-quarters of the skein leftover, decided I needed a matching cowl.


The cowl is cleverly designed so that it is knit into a bias fabric. It’s hard to see when it’s all wrapped around my neck, but it has the loveliest picot edging, creating the dramatic effect of one of those velvet stage curtains that is lifted with ropes. The stitch pattern combined with the yarn results in a luxurious, drapey neck warmer. Love.

Having finished all of that, I am digging way deep into my yarn stash to find all of those odds and ends of sock yarns and sweater yarns. They are the perfect thing to use up on baby hats and leg warmers and bloomers.

Hoping that the yarn stash will outlast the flu season! Although I’m not above buying new yarn if it doesn’t.

Find pattern details and notes on my Ravelry page. Baby blanket: my own pattern, unknown yarn. Ruche Beret by Susan B. Anderson, knit from Peruvian Tweed Alpaca. Curtain Call Cowl by Thao Nguyen, knit from Peruvian Tweed Alpaca.