My Dearest One,
You are Unexpected. Unlooked for. Unanticipated. But you are not Unwanted.

We thought our lives were full, never knowing the fullness of lives that overflow. We thought our joy was complete, never knowing the completeness of joy that bubbles over. And now that we know these things, there is not a single desire to go back to the emptiness of our fullness, nor the incompleteness of our wholeness.

Yes, your place is at the end of a trail of previous loves–four living in my home, one living in my heart. Yes, the beds are all spoken for, the chairs at the table are all occupied, the coat hooks by the door are all overflowing. Yes, the highchair is sold, the rattles and teething rings given away. But never doubt, there is room for you.

Yes, I am haunted by fears and memories of previous events–of hospitals and grief, heartbreak and sorrow. Yes, I ask myself “What if?” and I tell myself “Never again.” But in the quietness of my heart is the echo of submission, “Yes, Lord.”

There are many Urgent things we do not know, How? Where? When? But there is one Important thing that we do know, Who. Keeping our focus on the Important, we know that the Urgent will fall into place. You were not part of our plans, but you have always been a part of His plan.

“I am the handmaiden of the Lord. Be it unto me…”

With greatest love and affection,
Mama and Papa