It’s an annual tradition for the ladies in our family to take in a Nutcracker performance before Christmas. This year, the Peanut was deemed old enough to join us. The Peanut–who has been dancing since she could walk–was beyond thrilled at the news that she was going to a dance performance. Once I clarified that she would not be on the stage dancing, but rather in the audience watching, she was a little less thrilled. But shortly after the screaming and crying ceased, her enthusiasm was quick to rise to the occasion.

She made faces at me before the curtain. A pirate:


A monkey:


She thinks she’s pretty funny:


We went to view the symphony. She declared that she liked “the violin lady”, but not “that guy” (the percussionist). 

During the show she was settled in my lap. Her favorite part? The mice! And the cavalier soldiers. 

She got a little bored during the Pas de Deux scenes, but for the most part was enraptured by the whole experience. 

The next day, the Pickle was dancing around. It looked something like this:

The Papa observed that he could be a good candidate for next year’s Nutcracker performance. 

He frowned and said, “Nah. I’m more of a hula hoop kind of guy.”

He may not be a dancer, but it seems he’s destined for the stage all the same.