Once upon a time, there was a little ladybug who lived in a forest of fallen leaves. She decided one day to set out to the village, to gather some sweets for the coming winter.


“I am very small. I will need someone to protect me,” she thought. So she called for her friend, a fierce Viking warrior to join her. “You may gather a share of whatever we find,” she promised. The Viking warrior also wanted some sweet nectar for the winter, and so he agreed.

As they made ready to depart, they saw a strange person heading towards them. He held a sword made of light, and seemed to be from a very, very distant land. He, too, was looking for winter sustenance.

Soon after, a kind dragon came upon them. And since they all seemed to be searching for the same thing, they decided to make their way together.

Many goodly adventures did they have collecting their stores, braving together many fearsome beasts who crossed their path, and finding friendship and delight in other unknown creatures.

And after all had gathered a suitable amount, they returned home to rejoice in their good fortune and friendship.

The end.