It shouldn’t really come as a surprise (though for some reason, it did to me) that folks in Nebraska like their shooting sports. There were several organized shooting efforts at the campground where we spent the week, and I found myself unexplainably excited to introduce the kiddos to targets and flying projectiles.

“Check it out! Slingshots! They’ll love this!”

What was I thinking?

slingshot-1 slingshot-2

The Bean had such crazy skills with a slingshot and a cup of navy beans that the coordinator set up a new target for him. Notice that he’s the last one left at the shooting “range”. And did I mention it was raining? Yeah, he kinda liked the slingshot.Ā Until…

…he discovered the bows and arrows.


Actually, surprisingly, they all liked the bows and arrows.

Don’t let the backwards-facing shorts fool you. The Pickle is a sharp-shooter.


And now that we’re back at home in our quiet house on our somewhat-claustrophobic 1/5 of an acre, I’m not sure what to do with these skills that we uncovered. The Sweetie Pie suggested we give the kids slingshots and vegetable and flower seeds and let them plant my garden. Not a bad idea. Personally, I’m leaning towards a cup of beans and a bargain for 50 cents per strawberry-stealing-squirrel.