While in Nebraska, we thought it appropriate to spend a day at the Omaha Zoo, which is apparently one of our nation’s top-ranked zoos. Who knew?


Each of the kiddos have their favorite animals. I think of that quote from Winnie the Pooh about the nicest sort of people going straight to the animal they love the most and spending all of their time there. This how our family organizes zoo visits. We visit each person’s favorite zoo friend, allow him or her all the time needed to watch, and then make our way to the next person’s favorite. Zoos tend to place the favorite animals in separate sections (like grocery stores placing the milk on one side and the bananas on the other), so there is no shortage of new friends to see from one stop to the next. 

The penguins are consistently the Pickle’s favorite zoo friend. But in order to get to them, we had to walk through the entire aquarium. Which turned out to be happy for everyone.

jellyfish at-the-fishtank

The Peanut would pick out the most colorful fish in each tank and announce it as her favorite. Imagine her delight when she found a tank dedicated to all of the brightest fish in the ocean, an entire tank full of aquarium bling. 


Finally, the penguins! How fortunate that the Omaha Zoo has such an exceptional display–a large, up-front view for the Pickle to take his time, and benches in the back for the grown-ups to rest (while he takes his time).