It seems like there is always some part of our house in a state hovering between demolition and reconstruction. Once we finish one project, there is another one waiting. The current project? Our garage.


The Sweetie Pie moved his office into the house almost a year ago and it’s cramping everyone just a little bit. We’re not really sure if we’re living in an office or working in a home. It’s time for a little more clarification of the boundaries between work and home.

We saved up some money, lucked into a sweet deal with a contractor late in the season, and decided to work until the money runs out.

Three weeks into the project, the garage is no longer threatening to collapse, the framing is completed, and we have solar tubes.


And what would a construction project be without an opportunity to preserve the kids’ handprints in wet cement? Too bad it’s destined to be covered up by the door frame.


Work is progressing quickly, and we still have some money left. More updates to come.