Remember those tomato plants that were so anxious to get their feet into some soil? They did finally get planted (with a fish head underneath each of them–bless the Whole Foods fishmongers). Fed on a steady diet of illicit harvested rain water, they are making up for lost time.

We lost two of the plants to a mosaic virus that hits every year. I’ve started to just expect it as part of the tomato season. No matter. There seems to be no shortage of tomatoes to make up for them. I think some of them, like this Wild Cherry Tomato, are just showing off. I fully expect to be harvesting tomatoes off of the roof before the end of the season.


Competing with the tomatoes are a few bell pepper plants, various cucumber plants, and more than a few basil plants.



Ah, the sweetness of summer’s bounty. We are savoring the fruits we have now, and eagerly anticipating the ones to come.