We celebrated our Independence Day in the usual way–watching fireworks on the golf course in the mountains. I expected the Peanut to be awed by such an outrageous display of bling in the night sky. The first fireworks exploded, she was stunned. The second exploded, and she screamed. She spent the next ten minutes sobbing with her face buried in my shoulder. No amount of oohs and aahs could convince her to turn around. “Mama, I don’t wuv fireworks,” she whimpered, and then she fell asleep.

We celebrated a belated family birthday at the local tourist hangout. We raced go karts.


I especially love the expression on the Sweet Pea’s face as she speeds past my camera in a blur of determination:


We chased each other in bumper boats.

bumper-boats-2 bumper-boats-1

And we launched water balloons in the general direction of our spouses and children.


We all headed home soaked and smiling. What better way to celebrate the aging process than by acting like a kid?