My friends, I have missed meeting you in this place. Summer has taken my family and my days in new directions. I am not the best at keeping up with the changing schedules. Some things that are important to me–specifically, documenting thoughts and days with my camera and my words–have slipped through my fingers. It is good to be back.


And now I am debating where to pick up again. Do I share the photos and thoughts that have been sitting quietly for weeks? Or do I just pick up with where I find myself now? I am opting for the former. So if you don’t want to read the old news, come back next week when I ought to have something new to say.


For today, just some pretty pictures. This arrangement of larkspur, marguerite, feverfew, and rue came from the garden (and the alley behind the garden). It was delivered with dinner (and chocolate, of course) to a dear friend who welcomed a new little one last month. I found the afternoon light in the dining room especially striking: