The are many things to love about visiting Great-Grandpa’s farm (not the least of which is Great-Grandpa himself). The Peanut loves a good mud puddle. And Great-Grandpa has the best mud. It adheres completely to your clothing so that your mother cannot wash it out. At all. And second to the mud puddles is the droopy diaper that your mother is completely unconcerned about changing.

mud-puddle-1 puddle-from-the-top



All the kiddos enjoy spending time with the farm kitties. Great-Grandpa has a few dozen of them lurking around the barns and sheds. Most of them are feral and secretive, but there are a few that prefer to hang around the front porch, hoping for some attention.



They were most curious about my camera and followed me around the property as I explored the old buildings and piles of rusted farm equipment (which happens to be one of my favorite things about the farm).


I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the other favorite thing about the farm–the four-wheeler. The uncles are very generous with their gas and their patience, taking the kiddos for ride after ride in the corn fields, to the gravel pit, to the old pig barn–everywhere and nowhere in particular. No photos of the four-wheeler rides though. I think I was busy shouting useless motherly warnings like, “Don’t go too fast!” and “Hold on tight!”

And at the end of a day of mud puddles, and kitties, and four-wheelers there is a cup of ice from Great-Grandpa’s freezer. Being on the farm is hard work.