Mother’s Day was, as Mary Poppins would say, “practically perfect in every way”. A bounty of delightful homemade gifts from the kiddos, flowers, a plate of Paleo carrot-cake pancakes, and then a sweet picnic at the park with a dear friend. And then I got to spend the rest of the day in the garden. All. By. Myself.

Much of the afternoon was spent replanting the egress window. Most of what I put in last year has thrived, but a few things were looking dismal. And a few things just didn’t come back at all.

In the bottom of the window well, for example, the dirt remains quite boggy. The helebore and the corydalis that went in last spring rotted away. I’ve replaced them with Blue-eyed Grass and a Dwarf Goat’s Beard, neither of which I’ve grown before. But I loved them both on sight, and loved them more once I knew the names. How could you not love something called Goat’s Beard?

The Sweet Woodruff has resown itself generously, even growing out from the cracks in between the timbers, and the Carpet Bugle has done beautifully. About half of the Alpine Forget-me-nots are coming back this year. The other half I replaced with new plants from the nursery.



And I just couldn’t help but expand the garden a little bit. I dug up some grass (always a pleasure to dig up grass), lined the bed with some broken paving stones laying around the yard, and tucked in the leftover plants. I also added the Edelweiss that’s been growing in the bay window for months. We don’t have the most ideal conditions for Edelweiss, I suspect our soil is too clay-heavy. But the Sweetie Pie sings Edelweiss to the kiddos and when I saw the seed I couldn’t help but try it out. Blossom of snow, may you bloom and grow!