I’m usually a no-till kind of gardener. The use of this method in my garden began with a serious lack of time and energy, and then it grew into a philosophy of gentle gardening. However, there are a few crops that, if one is going to plant them in the clay soil of our Rocky Mountain garden, one must till. Like carrots.



I know that soil still looks quite chunky. It is. We don’t grow perfect carrots in our garden. But tilling the soil means that at least the carrots will grow longer than my pinky finger, and sifting out the rocks means they will not fork in a dozen different directions. It’s good enough for us.

The year that I figured out I could plant my lettuce and my carrots together was game-changing. Two crops out of one bed! For a girl trying to maximize her postage stamp-size patch of earth, this was huge. I use this technique every year in various ways, always trying to get more food out of our wee garden.

By the way, what do you think a Cosmic Purple carrot tastes like?? The kiddos and I are dying to know!


Those adorable plant labels? Upcycled from the cover of the Sweet Pea’s school planner. Reminding me that truly, in more ways than one, gardening is a redemptive process. I am continually awed that I’m invited to collaborate in the redemption.