Saturday and Sunday were warm and sunny, a respite from the series of snow storms we’ve been getting this spring. Today it is again chill and gloomy. The snow has blown in again. One might call it downright wintry. Indulge me as I reminisce about the golden glow of the weekend past, and a good day’s work in the garden?

The spring seeds were sown. Beets, lettuce, onions, potatoes, chard, and all manner of tasty greens went into the ground. And the purple pak choi was tucked into its bed.


It wasn’t all work though. We paused to greet an earthworm crossing my furrow, desperate to avoid our attention.


The Sweet Pea picked a handful of Johnny Jump-Ups and shared them around.

The Bean worked very hard on a jungle sculpture (why yes, you can actually sculpt our garden dirt), and then was bitterly disappointed when the clay dried and it began to fall apart. We had a truncated art lesson about the environmental artists who embraced the temporary nature of artwork, knowing (even hoping) that it would decay and crumble.


Though he accepted the idea of “Let’s enjoy it while it’s here, but know that one day it won’t be,” he was understandably reluctant to embrace it. Just like I am accepting the fact that it’s snowing. In May. But I remain defiant about welcoming it.