The Peanut turned three last week, and there was much celebrating. If you ask her about it, she’ll tell you all about her “happy cake birthday”.

First, she’ll tell you how Papa measured her height on the wall, and marked it with a pencil. If we ever move, that door jamb is going with us.

And she might mention how Mama bought her flowers of her very own. Even though they are Mama’s favorite flower, Mama knew that the Peanut would love them, too.


She would certainly not neglect to tell you about her birthday presents. Lots of Hello, Kitty because the Peanut “wuvs Hewwo, Kiki!” and a shiny pink tricycle so she can keep up with her big brothers and sister at the park.

And then she’d tell you all about her “happy cake”, complete with strawberries. She probably wouldn’t tell you how her Mama made it a Paleo birthday cake with coconut flour and whipped coconut cream, because I don’t think she noticed that little detail.

Finally, she may tell you how she spent the next two days riding her tricycle in the house, thanks to a spring snowstorm. Only for two days though. Because the new tricycle has a bell.