As if once was not enough, the Sweetie Pie and I hired yet another babysitter and once again headed out into the night. Two concerts in one week? Inconceivable! I don’t think I attended two concerts last year.

This time, we went to see a world-class rock star perform some world-class instrumental music in a smallish local theater. His music, in his own words: “like something out of a soundtrack for a non-existent foreign film.”


Adding to the joy of hearing a fabulous musician play some fabulous music, was the delight of seeing a dear friend accompany him. Not only does she play a stellar piano, but she also has some mad skills on the glockenspiel, the wood block, and the toy piano that she’s never told me about. I sure wish I’d been able to get a shot of her playing that toy piano.


This concert, so unlike the lavish drama of the previous show, had its own charm and joy. The music was lush and narrative, and I left with the impression of having attended an evening of whimsical storytelling, only without the words.

Since then, I’ve been playing the recordings around the house and in the car. “I like this one,” the Sweet Pea says as soon as one song starts. “No, I like this one,” she says when the next one begins. “Actually, I like this one,” she says when she hears the third one.

“It’s okay to like them all,” I say. And she looks relieved.