Even after a decade planting the same patch of dirt every summer, there are some systems I still don’t have in place. A simple pea trellis, for example, has been lacking since year one.


I’ve tried lots of different trellising methods over the years, but none of them have worked well enough for me to try them again the next year. And so one of the first questions to plague my gardening thoughts every spring is, “How shall we grow the peas?”

I spent a good hour staring at the dirt last weekend, and then another hour staring at my stack of various poles and strings, and finally came up with this:

A combination of sturdy 8′ poles and 6′ bamboo sticks has me quite optimistic for the peas this year. I tied it all off with some sisal twine, and added some trimmings from the River Birch at the bottom to help the little guys start climbing…and because it just looks kinda pretty, yes?

Inside the house, I’m nurturing several flats of veggie seedlings in the living room. The Sweetie Pie is very patient with my hobbies that tend to take over certain parts of the house at certain times of the year. I pay him in home-grown potatoes and basil.

silhouettes purple-choyThe purple bok choy is new for me this year. I love all the obscure vegetables that become available to me, if I’m willing to start my own seeds.