Last Christmas I surprised (shocked?) the Sweetie Pie with tickets to see one of his very favorite bands live. So on a recent Saturday night, we kissed the kiddos good-bye and headed out into the night like we were teenagers.

A clue that it might be time to retire from the concert scene? The show doesn’t begin until after my bedtime.


There was no chance of falling asleep during the show, though. Never mind the loud music and flashing lights, this performance was amazing. I didn’t want to miss any of it, even if some of the songs do have a tendency to descend into chaos (the Sweetie Pie has a higher Chaos Tolerance Level than I do).

This was one of those rare performances that leaves you feeling truly grateful to the performers for sharing an artistic vision with you. And their stage presence left me with the impression that these were pretty nice guys, which is always refreshing in this era of super-ego artists.

My photos are blurry, and I missed some of the most beautiful shots because they occurred at times when the clicking of my shutter would have earned me some nasty glares from the fans in front of me. And there was one song that had me so entranced that I only thought about my camera as I joined the applause afterwards. No matter. Such sensory overload leaves my memories a bit fuzzy around the edges, just like the photos.