If you’re a girl in our house, there is one day of the year when your mother will go to practically any amount of trouble and use an absurd amount of hair product to sculpt your hair into something fancy. Easter morning found me with a can of hairspray, lots of plastic butterfly clips, and no bobby pins. After a speedy trip to the drug store, we were ready to get started. Here’s this year’s fancy up-do:


Not to be left out, the Peanut insisted on her own special treatment. “Do tails” and “cwips….more cwips!” and of course “Durls!” (for those whose ear is not tuned to toddler dialect, that means “Two pigtails, and lots of clips, with curls…..please.”)


And after the hair was sculpted? Church. And after church? Why an egg hunt, of course! Every year The Godparents put together a smashing search full of surprises for the kiddos. There are always lots of giggles, a few treats and toys, and sometimes snow. But this year, it was a lovely spring day perfect for egg hunting, and racing around with a big yellow balloon.