I have a yarn stash that is overflowing with a huge variety of delicious yarn offerings. I’ve decided to put myself on a yarn-buying freeze until I find good use for at least half of the things in my stash.

I really like The Purlbee’s Bandana Cowl pattern and I knew I could get it finished before the warm weather settled in. When I went digging in my stash for a suitable yarn, I found two skeins of luxurious alpaca/merino blend that a friend “in the business” had handed off to me years ago. One skein was black, the other a putty color. I decided to put both colors to use and make a randomly striped cowl.


When I began balling up the yarn, I discovered that the moths had feasted on it in many places. I didn’t know whether this unfortunate event had occurred at my house or at my friend’s, but I preferred to believe the latter. Anyway, the places where the moths had glutted themselves had to be cut out, which resulted in lots and lots of joins in my yarn.

After doing the front shaping in all black, I began adding some stripes. I let the random lengths of yarn decide when I changed colors, and when the black gave out, I ended with a wide stripe of the putty color.


I love the way this cowl came out. It was incredibly fast and easy and the pattern is very forgiving (I made so many mistakes because I was knitting while socializing, but they don’t even show). The yarn is soft and cozy and keeps my neck nice and warm in these final winter days. And I adore the stitch definition I get with good quality, chunky yarn.

After two quick, cozy knits I’m starting a long and leisurely, whispery-soft spring knit. More on this next week.

Pattern notes and yarn details can be found on my Ravely page, here.