We have a little blue stuffed dog that has been passed around from child to child until no one can quite remember who got it and when. Currently, it “belongs” to the Bean, but the Peanut has been trying to woo it from his possession. So he did what any 7-year-old big brother would do.

He made her a dog of her own.


Perhaps the motivation for this gift was somewhat selfish, but the time and thought invested in the execution of it was completely genuine. The Bean drew his own pattern, picked out his own fabric from the scrap basket, and did all of the sewing and stuffing. And after two days of hard work, the Peanut woke up to her very own dog waiting for her at the breakfast table.


When I asked the Bean how he hoped Pearl would respond to his gift, he said, “I hope she cuddles it….gently, so it doesn’t fall apart.” So far, so good.