Remember those peaches from last summer? The ones juicy as oranges, soft as butter, sweet as honey, and huge as softballs? Of course you do, who could forget them.

I pulled a bag of them out of the freezer last week because I was craving something summery and made a peach crumble with lots of ginger and lemon and a bit of cardamom and honey. We all polished off our bowls with gusto and very little conversation. And after the kiddos were in bed, the Sweete Pie and I sat down with the baking dish and two spoons and finished off the rest of it.


I had heard that you could freeze peaches whole, without doing a single darn thing to them. Just pop them into a freezer bag and that’s it. I was doubtful. Like when I heard you didn’t have to pre-cook lasagna noodles before assembling the lasagna (what, you haven’t tried that??), I thought it just sounded too good to be true.

Not so, my friends. I will never process another peach! Last August I skeptically crammed peaches into freezer bags until the freezer wouldn’t hold any more of them. And then in March I took them out. I let them thaw in the sink for an hour or two so that they were frozen, but not rock hard. I ran them under cold water, rubbing them gently, and the skins slipped right off without me even trying. I ran a knife around the middle, pulled it apart, and the pit popped out with only a small amount of encouragement. I needed an extra bit of thickener for the cobbler (I use arrowroot), but the cobbler tastes of golden August sunshine.

Don’t you love it when you find that the lazy way turns out to be no compromise at all? You can freeze your peach, and eat it too.