After months of worry over snowpack levels and summer water, winter finally came, and with it a lot of snow. I love to see the personalities of each family member emerge in his unique response to a winter storm.

The Sweetie Pie, with his trusty sidekick the Pickle, becomes the Snow-Shoveller.


The Sweet Pea stays outside just long enough to not feel left out of the doings, and then is the first one to retreat back inside for a cup of hot tea, her colored pencils, and her sketchpad.


The Butter Bean approaches the surplus of snow as an engineering opportunity. I give him empty spinach containers and he sets to work making bricks for his snow fort.

fort-building fort-builder

And the Peanut? She approaches a snow storm in her usual fashion–as a full-body experience. She spends the entire morning with her tongue out, catching snowflakes. I look out the window and see her lying on her belly in the snow, plunging her face into a drift and emerging with mouthfuls of snow. She is the last to come inside, and she complies only when I promise her a mug of hot tea.

P-eating-snow snow-eater