These wee baby bonnets are destined for some little darlings that are still being knit together in their mothers’ wombs. I used a pattern from the Purl Bee, which you have to go check out. Even if you’re not a knitter. Because that baby in the photo is ridiculously adorable.


This is a knitting pattern written just for me–no seaming! I mean really, if I wanted to sew seams I would sew a baby bonnet. But I am knitting a baby bonnet, which means I do not wish to sew a darn thing. The shaping is cleverly done using the short-row technique known as turning the heel, and the I-cord is attached to the bonnet edges as it is knit.


These little guys knit up very quickly, or they would have if I hadn’t been so distracted by my Downton Abbey watching that I kept losing count of my rows. Sheesh.

More technical info on my Ravelry page here.