We finally join the last decade and, instead of requesting CDs from the library, we download a whole bunch of new music. Because we are losing all patience with the poopie attitudes and the poopie underwear and cannot wait for CDs from the library. And having hymns playing in the kitchen all day reminds us that it ‘Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus.


We stay up way too late, watching way too much Project Runway, and finish our knitting project. Lacking the proper tools for blocking it, we pin it onto bath towels on the dining table and make the kiddos eat their meals at the coffee table for the day.


We start a long-awaited sewing project and occupy the dining room with sewing machine, ironing board, fabric, and other sewing accoutrements.


And when the house fills up with gifts of sweets and chocolate for everyone else in the family, but there is none for us because there is no Sweetie Pie here to give us any, we make fudge. And we stir in coconut, and cacao nibs, and maple syrup, and (because it’s there and because the Sweetie Pie is not) we also stir in bacon fat.

Oh yes, I totally did.