If you haven’t had the privilege of meeting Our Peanut, allow me to introduce you.

She has a tendency to dress up in outfits like this:

And when I say, in an admiring Momma voice, “Oh! Are you a pirate? Or a superhero? Or a super-pirate?” she will reply firmly, “No! I pin-cess!”

And then the princess will want to play outside, even though the thermometer says it’s below freezing (I insist on the jacket, and she insists on the sandals).

And she will want to sample the dirty snow that’s been sitting in the shadow of the garage since December. And I will simply reply, “Yes, m’lady.”

loading2 yummo2 yummo


Having filled her belly with sustenance for the trials ahead, the
Super-Pirate-Princess will decide it is time to challenge The Momma, who wields no weapon but a camera. “Momma! I poke you!” she says fiercely.

The Super-Pirate-Princess may be fierce, but the Momma is skillful with her weapon, and we call a truce.