Friends, I’m delighted to give you a tour of our new basement bathroom today. How is it possible that such a minor thing as upgrading less than 100 square feet of space can produce such joy??

First, let’s recall where we started. Brace yourselves, it’s a little painful to remember:

Yeesh. What you can’t see in the photo is the unfinished dry wall to one side of the toilet, and the exposed plumbing (from repairing a burst pipe 8 years ago) behind it. You also can’t see the layers of dirt and grime from 10 years of using this room as storage/dog bathing/snowboot drying/mop rinsing. Ick.

Okay, ready? Here’s what that view looks like now.

Ooh! I get giddy, even now, looking at it. The bathtub is so shiny and clean, the bathwater so deep and relaxing, the towels so white and fluffy.

bathtub curtain-rings curtain clean-towels

Those cabinets on the left (where the unfinished drywall and exposed plumbing used to be) discreetly hide all of our bathroom necessities behind frosted glass. And that weird tall cabinet on the right? It holds the water filters. Filtered bathwater! The painful eczema I’ve struggled with for years started to heal within days, and was completely clear in a month. The filters were special ordered (read: more-than-we-had-budgeted) but to have hands that no longer crack and bleed makes it completely worth the expense.

cabinets water-filters
The Sweetie Pie put in many hours in order to recess the ceiling. This is the second time he’s done this sort of a ceiling project in our basement. It’s one of those projects that you would not want to pay someone to do, even if you could find someone willing to do it (our contractor flat out refused to attempt it). The number of hours involved would make the cost exorbitant. But the extra 4 inches of headroom was important to the Sweetie Pie, so he spent several weekends pulling it together. And when I first stood in the tub to take a shower, and realized we had not taken into account the fact that the floor of the tub sits a good 6″ above the actual floor, we were glad he had raised the ceiling.

There are still a few details to finish up. The paint needs touching up in a few places. We splurged on our fixtures and bought period reproductions from a spendy hardware catalog that have been backordered since October. And I am still browsing for a few decorative details. But I’m in no hurry. There is enough joy in this little bathroom to crowd out any niggling tasks yet-to-be-done. Whenever I feel the details pressing in, I draw a hot bath and soak until they don’t bother me anymore.