Confession: I do not change the sheets on the kiddos’ beds very often. Stripping and re-making four bunk beds is no small task. Sometimes I feel bad about this (like when Pearl points out the small bloodstain on her pillow, the one that mysteriously appeared at some point unbeknownst to me, and that has clearly been there for days….or weeks).

But then, there is such joy when I actually do get around to changing the sheets. Gabriel, after replacing all of his blankets and animal friends carefully onto his newly-made bed, says to me, “I can’t wait to go to bed tonight!” Now there’s some enthusiasm I could get behind.

animal-friends2 animal-friends

Now I ask you, if I should reform my negligent-bed-changing ways and give my children weekly clean sheets, would they receive them with the same enthusiasm?? Surely not!

No, I suppose I will have to continue with my dereliction of bed-changing duties. What kind of a mother would I be to give my children frequently-changed-sheets and yet rob them of the joy they bring?? I tell you, it’s a tough job to be watching out for my children’s happiness, but someone’s gotta do it (she says as she makes a cup of tea and sighs contentedly with the knowledge of one less load of laundry)