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It warms my heart that my own fondness for making Christmas gifts for my loved ones has rubbed off onto my kiddos. During December, our house was a flurry of painting, and coloring, and hammering, and crocheting, and baking.

Here is a sampling of the handmade love that was offered this year from my hands.

Ruby really wanted a prairie dress from our trip to the Ingalls Homestead last summer, and Pearl told me that she wanted one, too, though not in actual words. Pearl’s preference was communicated in the screaming tantrum she threw in the schoolhouse when she was asked to remove the bonnet and apron and leave them behind. After recovering from looking at the price tag (80 dollars!) I told the girls they would have to make do without. I really felt that prairie dresses were in order for Christmas. They’ve been wearing them around the house for days. Pearl gives the same screaming tantrum whenever I ask her to take it off for mealtimes, and Ruby is pleading to wear hers to church. I think they like them.


The boys have been longing for real light-sabers for months. They make light-sabers out of just about anything laying around–construction paper, sticks, dinner knives, flashlights, even those little plastic inserts in the bottom of our window shades. I found a little knitting pattern (keyword: little) that I purchased and adapted to make into life-size light-sabers. I put a wooden dowel into the middle of each one and stuffed around it, so that they would do adequate service as dueling instruments, but not cause too much damage.


And this cowl was for a dear friend who, when I inquired why she never wore scarves, told me (with an intent stare and a smile) that she didn’t know anyone with the skill to make one for her. This yarn was a perfect reflection of our friendship, soft and cozy with just the right amount of bling.


Prairie dresses: McCall’s 4547; fabric from JoAnn’s; antique lace from personal stash
Light sabers: based on this pattern but altered considerably, in Shine Sport weight yarn from Knitpicks
Cowl: Dew Drop Cowl by Kelly Kingston, in Premier Yarns Fashion Jeweltones yarn