I am so glad that choosing a person to give this book to was not a conscious process for me. Several of you who put your name into the hat, I know quite well. And I know a bit of your stories, and I know that you would love this book as much as I do. And I want to give each of you a copy. Alas….there was only one to be given.


I took lots of photos to document the selection process, and when Ruby showed me the name she pulled out of Pearl’s hat I was so glad that I could prove my impartiality. Because this dear woman is my prayer partner of nearly 10 years. She is also my children’s godmother. And if I’d been in charge of the name-picking I would have intentionally not chosen her name, just to prove my impartiality. However, in the divine casting of lots, her name rose to the surface. And so this gift of grace is destined for her hands.

But I know from experience that her bookshelf is open for lending, should anyone whose name was not chosen wish to place a future hold on it.

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If you’re disappointed that Ruby’s hand didn’t fall on your name, I hope that you find a copy of Grace for the Good Girl to spend some time with. And I pray that it blesses you as it has me.

May each of you be drawn into His grace, in this season of hope and expectation.