This week, the creativity is being offered up by the kiddos. We spent several hours one morning working on Christmas gifts for our friends and family. For probably the first time since having four kids, I pulled out paint and brushes and turned them loose to create.


I expected the paint on the clothes (in spite of the painting shirts).

I expected the paint on the floor, and the chairs, and the table.

I expected the tears over who got to use the glittery paint.

I did not expect for it to be so much fun.


We had the Christmas music playing, my attention was solely on the kids and the creativity, and it was delightful.

Doesn’t Peal look like a baby-faced Andy Warhol with her fuzzy, bleached out hair?? (I really do brush it.)


It’s going to be such a treat to share these gifts, imbued with the simple pleasure of spending a few hours in creative thought on a sunny winter morning; Gifts that truly transcend the sum of their parts.

* What’s this post all about?