I mentioned yesterday this book I’ve been reading. Emily’s writing is so piercing and beautiful, so anointed that it positively drips with the Holy Spirit. She sees my struggles and shows myself to me in a way that only a fellow Good Girl can. This book has been a mirror of truth for me, in a most merciful way.


I am loving her writing so much, that my heart longs to share her message of grace with you. Because I know there must be dozens of other Good Girls out there who need to hear words of grace. I wrote to Emily, and invited her to join me in an act of kindness by giving away a copy of her book. Would you believe it? She accepted the invitation. And she even offered to send me my own copy, because I’m annoyed that I can’t underline and write marginalia in my library copy.

Friends, this is no cold and sterile blog giveaway. You do not have to share this blog post with 12 friends. You do not have to visit Emily’s bookstore and tell me which book is your favorite and why. You do not have to “like” me on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever the latest online gathering place is (in fact, you couldn’t even if you wanted to, because I’m not there. Not because they’re bad or because I’m too good for them, but because if I got involved I’d waste a hundred hours clicking around on them……but I digress. Back to the gifting…..)

This is an old-fashioned act of gift-giving. Because I love this book so much. And because I love all of you so much. And I want you to share in it with me.

Slip a comment in the box to let me know that you might like to receive this gift? If you’d like to join me in the conversation, you can consider answering this question from Emily’s book:

What does living safely look like for you? How would things be different if you could live free?

But you could also just whisper “Yes, please.” and that’s fine, too.

I’ll leave the box open for a week, and then I’ll put all of your names into a hat and have one of the kiddos choose a name. Very old-fashioned and low tech. Because there is no room for sterile random number generators in gifts of grace.

For now, you can join Emily at her blog, where she is working hard on a new book. So eager to hear more about that project.

** This giveaway has ended and comments are closed. **