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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here. I spent oodles of time over Thanksgiving cozied up with my sewing machine, working on gifts for the girls, and my evenings in front of Project Runway (Yeah, I watch it. So what?) find my knitting needles clicking away on the boys’ gifts.

And in between? I’m working on some small tokens of affection for friends and family.

Here’s a peek–but just a peek–at all of the glorious creativity of my past two weeks.

Hmmm…..calico? Lace? Lots of gathers? What could this be?

An odd knitted thing with stripes? What in the world…..

And some Barney-colored yarn with a touch of bling? Interesting…..

More photos to come, once all the items have been lovingly bestowed upon their intended recipients…

* What’s this post all about?