Friends, the angels were singing over my house this week. Not only have we fully completed one bedroom (the boys’ room, right down to the spackle and touch up paint) but the new bathtub has been installed. It makes me giddy every time I glimpse it through the doorway.

The boys want to give you a tour of their new digs. The first thing they’ll show you is this dresser where they keep their clothes. Each drawer is just big enough for one outfit, and there are just enough drawers so that each boy has clothes for the entire week. They love this system. And if you look to your right, you’ll see why they love this system.

If the clothes aren’t in the closet, then what is? Legos. Lots of them. And I can push them all into the closet with my foot, and close the door. It’s a win-win.

Now, look to your left and you’ll see my favorite part of the boys’ room. We needed a cozy place for bedtime stories, and Jonathan wanted a special nook to curl up with something to read. We turned this sunny little corner into a reading nook, with plenty of room on the shelves for new books.

Look closely and you’ll see some little treasures scattered around. We added a few special family heirlooms; a stained glass lamp and kaleidoscope that my grandpa made, and a couple of plates from my grandma’s vast collection.

Our contractor is busy in the new bathroom this week. Fingers crossed for a bathroom tour next week. Until then, I couldn’t resist just sitting in my new bathtub, boots and all. ~sigh…

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