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Sometimes creativity strikes out of nowhere and I find myself giggling inwardly, giddy over this cleverness that found me so unexpectedly. Such was the case last Saturday.

Jonathan had an early (very early) soccer game. I rolled out of bed, the first one awake, trying to figure out something fast for breakfast (cereal?) that would also be good fuel for an hour long soccer game (scratch the cereal). Compounding the problem is that the Sweetie Pie usually cooks up special breakfasts on Saturday morning–pancakes, french toast and the like. So the breakfast also needed to be special, or else I was going to be greeted by a chorus of “Papa, why didn’t you cook breakfast??”

I looked over the inventory. Bread. Eggs. Got it! Toad in the hole. Drizzle with honey, sprinkle with cinnamon….voila! Fast/nutritious/special breakfast.

Although I was satisfied with my quick thinking and clever solution, that wasn’t the creative part. As I was toasting bread and frying eggs, Jonathan shuffled into the kitchen. “Whasforbreakfast?” he mumbled sleepily.

“Ooh, it’s a super special soccer breakfast,” I replied, trying to make it sound exciting.

“Whasitcalled?” he mumbled back.

“Umm…” I thought quickly. “It’s called Toad in the….I mean Ball in the….wait a minute….it’s called Ball in the Goal!” I was so excited that I did a little jig at the stove with the spatula in my hand. Jonathan grinned and got excited, too. And then he ran and told all of his siblings that we were having Ball in the Goal for breakfast.

The Peanut liked the ball more than the goal, but everyone else ate it up and asked for more.

This little bit of unanticipated creativity was a huge success by all standards of judgement. Quick, easy, nutritious breakfast? Check. Excited kiddos who ate it all up? Check. And would you believe it? They even won the game.

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