Any of you who have ever undergone some sort of home renovation will be familiar with this story.

You start work on project A. In the middle of project A, something occurs that makes it the “ideal time” to begin project B. Before you can complete project B, the contractor has a deadline and simply must begin project C. And so on, and so forth. Until one day (Thursday, to be specific) you find yourself working on project Q (cleaning out the garage and Craigslisting all the items you’ve stored for the past 10 years), and you realize that project A (grown-up bedroom) has yet to be completed. ~sigh.

Anyway, I promised pictures of the grown-up bathroom, so here are a few of the more photogenic aspects of progress that went down last week:

New flooring of a type that one would not dare put into a bathroom intended for bathing children. Nope. In order to take a bath in this room, you must be a grown-up.

I’ve always wanted a bathroom with wainscoting. I almost have one.

Plans for the cabinet that we designed to hide the water filters, junction boxes, and plumbing. Maybe it will also be able to hold a hair dryer.

After all the hard work during the day, I really needed some knitting therapy in the evenings. So I finally started the Daybreak Shawl that has been on my list for many months. I’m in love with this simple but clever pattern and am so excited to watch it grow.

I’ve been promised caulking and painting in the bathroom on Monday. Perhaps even a bathtub by the end of the week? (Squealing with excitement.)

* What’s this post all about?