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The rebuilding of the basement has begun. And while I am quite excited about new plumbing, roughed-in medicine cabinets, and bathroom fans, they don’t necessarily make pretty photographs. Maybe next week? Photos of the new grown-up bathroom?

For today, I’m offering an official recipe for my “Pesto for the Rest-O’ Us” also known as “GAPS Pesto”. Although I think the French may have beat me to it with their long-standing recipes for a thing called Pistou. Oh well.

I posted tempting pictures a few weeks ago, and several people optimistically asked for a recipe. They didn’t realize that when I’m offering up creativity in the kitchen, I rarely stop to write down anything resembling a recipe. Well, I made more pesto this week and I wrote it down.

I use this to brighten up just about everything–soup, omelets, sauteed veggies, baked chicken. It makes my GAPS meals ever-so-slightly more tolerable.

For those of you who requested the recipe, it’s your lucky day. Click here to go to my Plan to Eat recipe book.