It seems I’m entering into new mothering territory–the place where I find new ways to embarrass my children.

This year, we’re trying out a one-day-a-week homeschool enrichment program. This has been going really well, but that’s not the point here. I only mention it because you need to know why my homeschooled children were being dressed by their mother last week for school picture day.

In our house, there are two days of the year where Mom gets to pick out your clothing–Easter, and picture day. It goes without saying that there is usually a fair bit of grumbling from the boys.

Isn’t he adorable–even with the eye roll?

Anyway, last week as my well-groomed children and I made our approach to the school building, I noticed that several of the kids were looking kind of rumply, like they’d just rolled out of bed. Truth be told, they had the rag-a-muffin home schooler look that my kiddos have every other day of the week.

“Maybe it’s not picture day after all….” I mused.

“Yeah, I thought picture day was next week!” Jonathan tells me (for the first time). Then I spot the Lifetouch poster. Confirmed. Jonathan is correct.

“Oh. I guess it is next week.” Jonathan stops in his tracks, turns, and starts walking in the other direction. “Oh, come on. You can take off the tie and the dress shirt.” Whew. Saved by the undershirt.

As we entered the building, we passed by a dad who had overheard the whole conversation.  “At least your hair looks nice!” he says.

Any thoughts on which is more embarrassing for my children? Being dressed for picture day a week early, or showing up at school wearing the exact same thing again the next week? I guess I’ll find out. Wish me luck.